Celebrated Professional Master Wedding Photographer supporting local charities, donating £500 from every wedding photographed in Devon and Cornwall.

Let me carry you back to your wedding day and let my photographs trigger and relive all those wonderful emotions and memories. Award winning photographs to create your own wedding story.

Beautiful wedding photography from your beautiful wedding day in a hand-crafted album. Let the magic and storytelling begin with every turn of a page.

At Chris Bunney Photography I’ll help build and take the stress out of your wedding day. Fun relaxed, natural and classic images, all wrapped up in an unforgettable experience.

Four things to know about me, and yes that is me in the photo!

  • I clearly love photography and in particular weddings.
  • I love hiking, I’m planning a 2 week non stop hike covering all the Dartmoor tors soon, 265 of them!
  • I’m supporting charities through my wedding photography.
  • I’m donating £500 from every wedding I photograph to charity.

When I decided to start wedding photography, I set myself a target of reaching the status of a professionally qualified master photographer. Firstly, because I wanted to know I was capable of meeting professional industry standards but also to give all my couples the confidence they will be working with a photographer capable of delivering whatever the challenges.

I could go on a bit why I love photographing weddings, such a buzz and meeting so many wonderful people. I would be very happy to meet up and chat over a coffee and get very enthusiastic about photographing your wedding! I’ll leave you to decide if my style and images are what you are looking for. If it is, then give me a call and start a fun packed journey to your wedding day!

I also have a great interest in hiking, particularly over Dartmoor in Devon. A beautiful and rugged wild national park that can offer a quick stroll up a tor or the very biggest challenge hiking across the remotest parts of the central moor with nothing and no one in sight for miles!

It was the connection with Dartmoor that introduced me to the Dartmoor search and rescue team. A team in Tavistock of 40 plus volunteers that rely on charitable donations to operate, to search for lost and injured walkers across the moor, as well as vulnerable people in more urban areas. A critical role to support the emergency services with the expertise and resource as first responders to locate and recover people from the moors when mobilised by the police.                                                                                          Find more at their web site http://www.dsrt-tavistock.org.uk/

I also think it's important to give back to the community, so far, I have raised almost a £1,000 for charity but would like to make it much more. From 2021 I will donate £500 from every wedding I photograph to charity. As I recently joined their supporters club, the first charity will be the Dartmoor search and rescue team at Tavistock. I’ve seen first hand what they do, hugely  professional and an amazing team giving up huge chunks of their own time, they need our support to continue.


Wouldn't it be great to do what you love doing and extend some of that enjoyment and feel good factor to help others?

The answer for me is definitely, yes.