My Biggest Dartmoor Challenge EVER..... Blog 1

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My Biggest Dartmoor Challenge EVER..... Blog 1

A big challenge deserves a big target, if you would like to support the Dartmoor Search and Rescue team Tavistock the sponsor/donate page is now live. Thank you for your support

I know where to start but how do I start and what on earth made me think I can do it! So many things I want to do but need to prioritise and start putting plans down and into action.

Question: What made me decide to do it?   Do what?

Walk (hike if you want it to sound more exciting!) all the tors marked on the Ordinance Survey OL28 map in a single journey, on my own carrying all my supplies. That’s 162 tors, 8 “rocks” and 400 km in fourteen or less days (most likely 14 days then).

Well, it started as a modest 60 tors in 60 hours at 60. It’s got a kind of nice ring to it don’t you think.

Oh there’s a few others things to throw in here. I wanted to do something to help a charity so I joined the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Tavistock supporters club. As I’m spending more time on Dartmoor, rather selfishly, I thought I might need them one day and paying it forward would be a great idea! If I never need them it would fulfil the brief completely.

Anyway, since getting an insight to the work the team does, I have a real respect for their total commitment (all volunteers) which has really changed my mind set to help as much as possible.

Oh, another “throw in”, I’m looking to do this as a sponsored event with all monies raised going directly to the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team at Tavistock (details to follow).

I started to like the idea and went about picking 60 tors to walk in the summer of 2020 (mention 2020 just in case you read this in a later year, obviously). But then some virus turned up, suddenly all bets were off and doing this at 60 clearly wasn’t going to happen!

Plan B was required, hmm…. what could I do? At least I have plenty of time to think about it. I know, I’ll put the full Dartmoor map on the table and identify all the tors on it and walk them. Can’t be that hard surely!

A plan was hatched, challenge number one, put a sticker on every tor and plot a circular route around what has turned out to be a 399 km circular walk. One pair of boots should make it round!

The plan now is to tackle this in 2021 so, follow me along my journey over the next 7 months as I plan and eventually start to walk my biggest Dartmoor challenge ever. 400 km, what I have set myself up for!

Oh, why the title I hear you ask.

I’ve definitely never walked that far self-supported or otherwise, so it’s the biggest for sure. Neither have I attempted to raise funds to the tune of £20,000 before so another, biggest tick in the box.

The Dartmoor bit is easy, it’s on Dartmoor!

Challenge, again simple, both the physical walk and the huge figure as a target makes it together a massive challenge.

Ever, quite simply, never done anything like it before so currently the biggest challenge ever!
Next time – the real planning begins!



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