My biggest Dartmoor challenge EVER - Blog 5

February 05, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

A big challenge deserves a big target, if you would like to support the Dartmoor Search and Rescue team Tavistock the sponsor/donate page is now live. Thank you for your support

The target - Raise £20,000 to help fund the new operations vehicle. A huge target, this is a huge walk and needs a big target!


Will Luckey Tor really be lucky?

My last attempt to tackle Luckey Tor could be regarded as a success as at least I found it, albeit a bit of a scramble approaching it from above the valley of the Dart. Possibly not the best way.

So, the following day I decided to park at Dartmeet car park and do something I very rarely do, I actually paid for parking! Only the third time in the year! Tight or frugal, I’ll leave you to decide.

I also wanted to see if I could retrieve my map left there the previous day, what are the odds it will still be there I wonder.

From the car park I stayed left of the river and started following the track veering off left uphill through a gate.

The path and terrain started off really easy and was very pleasant, the sun was shining and it stayed like that for a good while so nothing other than a very nice walk along the river to describe.

Not long after feeling rather chilled things started to change, not massively, but the easy path turned into some boulder hopping. In dry weather this wouldn’t be much of a problem but if wet and slippery then some caution would be required.

A couple of slightly more tricky sets of rocks to navigate and the path intermittently returned to that nice gentle stroll. Although I would say this was not a stroll in the park neither was it particularly difficult however I was still looking to reach the tor some forty minutes later!

It wasn’t long before Luckey Tor had once again been conquered, a nice open area lays out in front of it next to the river. A lovely spot for a coffee break or lunch. Coffee sounds good!

Unfortunately, that is where my luck ran out that day as rather unsurprisingly, my map was nowhere in sight. At least it had a reasonable amount of use, but £10 for a new one still hurts just the same.

Coffee mugs away and onward to Hockingston Tor, never been there so a new one to “bag”.

This time the terrain was somewhat more challenging. Again, while the route was achievable, it was more challenging than that leading to Luckey Tor.

It wasn’t really very exciting or very enjoyable to be honest, lots of rocks, a couple of land slips which all added to the challenge along with at some points more than one route to choose from.

There were a couple of pleasant intervals, a lovely small waterfall and a large flat outcrop of rock pushing out into the middle of the river. The later looked like it would be easily covered in wet weather when the river would run high.

Eventually after a couple of “bum” slides across the land slips, be careful here, I nearly ended up in the river which would have been embarrassing especially as there were children playing on the opposite side, how on earther did they get there? I happened to stumble across what looked like Hockingston Tor. A total of one hour and 30 minutes from the carpark!

Strange though as the map looks like it is part way up the valley side not just to the left of the river bank. So, the inevitable scramble bout twenty metres up the side of the valley and there it was. Mostly hidden by trees and the rock covered in moss so very difficult to get a good clean look at it in the summer, and a tor that could be easily missed. Definitely easily forgotten, and questionable if it was worth the effort.

If it wasn’t on my list to visit on my planned route I would most certainly not go back!

Lunch break this time to get over the overwhelming sense of disappointment before retracing my steps back to Dartmeet. Another one hour and thirty minutes of pure, hmm, let me see, trudging back, I guess.

Got to say, these two will not fill me with excitement during my challenge but they have to be done!

Next time, Heltor rock, is this really Hell?



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