My biggest Dartmoor challenge EVER - Blog 9

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A big challenge deserves a big target, if you would like to support the Dartmoor Search and Rescue team Tavistock visit the link below. Thank you for your support.

Target - Raise £20,000 to help fund the new operations vehicle.

A 400 km hike across 170 tors and rocks on the Dartmoor OS OL28 map raising funds to replace their failing operations vehicle.


With so many tors spread out it would be nice to get a few close together, good for moral! Between Peter Tavy and Horndon is just the place as you follow the river Tavy upstream, surely this should be nice and relatively quick?

Not completely easy to park at Peter Tavy but manged to find a spot just before entering the centre of the village. I don’t think I blocked anyone! The first target tor is Longtimber Tor, what a great name for a tor.

Walking into Peter Tavy and finding the first turning you could easily miss the bridle path leading to the tor or you might even get seduced by the opportunity of a cool refreshing pint in the pub! Luckily (that of course is a matter of opinion), due to the covid guidelines the pub was closed when I went past. Phew, the day may have been over before it started!

Anyway, after about ten minutes and a sharp turn into a field and down to the river Longtimber Tor had been “bagged”. But don’t just bag it and run, this is a stunning piece of the moor and so close to the village. In fact, the area of the river soon took all attention away from the tor and focused on the huge gorge like far side of the river and the joining of the brook and the river. It was like a smaller version of the gorge in the Hobbit, where the two kings are carved from the rock or one of those (wait for the fanatical response and correcting me!)! There is also a very deep area for wild swimming.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best of days and although dry it was cloudy and drizzly when I arrived. That didn’t stop me trying to get a few pics though. Oh, I seriously don’t recommend trying to get to the centre of the river for the sake of a picture, insurance may not cover a camera dropped in the water, oh dear! I will definitely return, it really is a little magical spot.

Pull myself together I thought, before I was mesmerised and forget what the day was about, I had more to find.

Back on the path and over a bridge. Now at this point a short scramble across to High Tor and Fox Tor looked easy, oh no it wasn’t! First of all, it lies on private property so legally no access, dam, foiled again. Secondly, a quick sneaky peak and it looked impossible to find a route in so after ten minutes and the attendance of a South West Water van I decided to quietly slip away!

Now what? Brimhill Tor and Kents Tor from the other end, maybe? A bit deflated and a day where walking felt a bit of a chore, I guess we all get them from time to time, I took the easy route and followed the road around and detoured to Kingset Down to the reservoir. For some reason I had no idea how close to Horndon it was. Lunch on the down in the fogy rain, which of course stopped when I finished, typical.

Through Horndon and left to pick up the bridle path down to Horndon bridge, another lovely spot, but not as good as Longtimber by the river! Now somewhere around here there should be some point of access to Brimhill Tor, could I find it, nope, although a way in by the leat looked possible.

At this point and still noting these were also on private land I whimped out and basically couldn’t be arsed to go and investigate. I know, light weight, where’s my sense of adventure? Another day I promise.

I must have been having a bad day as even the path up the other side to the road had me puffing a bit. What is wrong with me today!

The road back through Cuddliptown should be and was very easy and full of, well, nothing exciting really. Tried to spot the tors from the road but no chance due to the line of woodland tracking the river. But a pleasant finish to this little but disappointing loop in terms of bagging tors but I did find a little magical spot. Clearly not a secret I suspect.

Home for tea and a little research, yep definitely on private land but appears the best attempt if at all is to tackle High Tor and Fox Tor from one end by the Hydroelectric station, still pumping out electricity, and Brimhill Tor and Kents Tor from the other end by Horndon bridge. With the permission of the land owner of course.

Next time, the monster in the closet, Fur Tor!



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