My biggest Dartmoor challenge EVER - Blog 12

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A big challenge deserves a big target, if you would like to support the Dartmoor Search and Rescue team Tavistock visit the link below. Thank you for your support.

Target - Raise £20,000 to help fund the new operations vehicle.

A 400 km hike across 170 tors and rocks on the Dartmoor OS OL28 map raising funds to replace their failing operations vehicle.


So, next step in my planning for My Biggest Dartmoor Challenge Ever.

Food glorious food! How well do you eat when on the moor? Well, I'm going to need some pretty lightweight food over fourteen days so for the first time I'm going to test out dehydrated food.

I've scouted the google pages and decided on three companies, Summit to Eat, Outdoor Gear and Expedition Foods.

These appear to be the companies that sell main meals in bags of 1,000 calories with a variety of options and between them have sufficient choice for deserts.

Breakfasts are a little limited generally it seems but again between the three of the companies appear to give the best choice.


My choices are listed below along with the weight, calories and price




Kcal / Bag



Porridge with Strawberries



 £      8.49



Main Meal



 £      8.49

Expedition Foods

Main Meal



 £      8.99

Summit to Eat

Beef and Potato Stew



 £      7.75


Summit to Eat

Chocolate Mousse with Granola & Cherry



 £      4.50

Summit to Eat

Custard Apple Crunch



 £      4.50

Expedition Foods

Chocolate Chip Biscuit Pudding



 £      6.99


Toffee pudding



 £      4.50

There's plenty of walking to do!

I’ve started with Out Door Gear first, for a few of reasons.

With cashback they work out pretty much the same price as Summit to Eat, so price per calories they are among the cheapest and best reviewed products.

The bag size packs a 1,000 plus calories per bag.

For the calorie count they come at the lightest weight.

If you are tight or have a principle for free shipping you do need to spend over £50 to get free shipping!


So, I now await the arrival before I put them to the taste test, all sounds tasty, the reviews are good but will they stand up to one of the fussiest eaters on the moor?


Spaghetti Bolognaise

Beef Stroganoff with rice

Chicken Tikka with rice

Beef and potato hotpot

Spaghetti carbonara

Porridge with strawberries

Sticky toffee pudding

Deserts are restricted from Out Door Gear so my next testing session is likely to be from Summit to Eat. Also, if the cashback percentage drops, they would then become the cheapest option for mains, although roughly 300 grams heavier to carry across the week. Doesn’t sound much but it all adds up!

So, depending on when it arrives, I maybe eating at home or if I’m lucky doing a test wild camp somewhere. Strangely, my first wild camp. I usually try to camp in a registered site or farmers field to minimise any camping impacts but this challenge will force me onto the open moor, so I’d better get on with it!

I’ll let you know if they make the minimum “Bunney” taste standards!



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