Dartmoor Search and Rescue - Tavistock, Devon                               ( Registered Charity  No 1106094 1106094 )



As a keen walker and hiker I love to escape onto Dartmoor.
It has the potential to be a beautiful place to walk but also one of the wildest and most challenging places to hike.

For a competent and fully equipped person it has some beautiful and wilderness places to explore, they say there is no bad weather for walking just bad clothing!

It does however also present a clear danger for those less experienced (and sometimes for the experienced) by its infamous weather shifts that can occur in the space of an hour.




When people get into difficulty on the moor the first to respond after being mobilised by the Police are the volunteers of the Dartmoor Search and Rescue teams. They work with the Police and emergency services to search, find and evacuate injured or missing persons from the moor.

With the ever increasing number of walkers, hikers and visitors to the moor, the Dartmoor search and rescue team is a critical asset in helping everyone stay safe and making them aware of the benefits and potential dangers of the moor.

Tavistock Dartmoor search and rescue is one of four volunteer teams that make up the Dartmoor rescue group and is a member of Mountain Rescue England and Wales. The Tavistock team was the first to be formed in 1968 and now has 40 qualified team members (with trained search and rescue dogs), with three sister teams in Ashburton, Okehampton and Plymouth.



Currently it cost over £20,000 per year to support, run and keep the Tavistock team operational.

It is a great comfort for people on the moor to have the "safety net" of the search and rescue team. 

Donations from my wedding photography would provide a valuable injection of much needed cash to ensure that "safety net" remains in place. 

That's me handing over my first cheque donation! So far I have raised almost £1,000 for charity and looking to do so much more.




With the impact of Covid 19 operational capability is being tested more than ever before.

Charity events such as "Rescue 50" to find £50,000 to replace failing operations vehicles has been impacted so the team needs our support even more to keep Dartmoor safe for walkers and hikers.

£500 donation from each wedding photographed will go some way to help enable the team to continue with their valuable work.

For more details visit the Tavistock Dartmoor Search and Rescue link https://www.dsrt-tavistock.org.uk/