So why donate profit from wedding photography to the church?

As a Plympton man I was married at Plympton St Mary, as many others have and will in the coming years. However many people may not realise just how much work the church does supporting people both locally, nationally and internationally through its numerous charitable actions.

Like most charitable services it's not until you need them most they become visible to you. It requires a huge amount of organisation, people and effort to provide help and support to people when they need it most. Like every business the church is not without its financial challenges to underpin and maintain this support network in addition to the cost of maintaining the church itself.











St Mary's is a grand church over 700 years old and no doubt has seen many weddings!

In financial terms the annual bill to maintain the church and the ministry is set to rise to over £4,000 per week by the end of next year. The insurance, running and maintenance costs equate to 33% of the total income required with the remaining 67% supporting the clergy deliver support and services to the people of Plympton in addition to other charitable good causes.

There is currently a weekly gap of £700 in meeting this "bill".

The more weddings I photograph the more I can support worthy charitable causes.

If you would like to know more about St Mary's church follow the link below