For me delivering a service goes way beyond providing a product, in this case your wedding photography.

It’s about getting to know you and understanding what you want, how you want it delivered and how you feel about the way it is delivered.

After all, we’re going to see a lot of each other and with you all day on your wedding day!

So, a great level of trust needs to be built and me providing you with the confidence I can deal with everything thrown at us on the day, quickly, quietly, effectively and with integrity.

Which of course I will!



Your wedding day

Love is in the airLove is in the airEvery location is considered with you and we pick the best. Beautiful rustic weddings in Cornwall, just perfect for the bride and groom looking for something a little different.

We achieve this by good planning, not exhaustive, but sufficient to ensure a smooth relaxing, stress free and of course “fun” wedding day.

Consultations, venue visits and schedule planning will sort that out.

We will have as many consultations as it takes to ensure you are totally happy with how your day will unfold. Providing a full and comprehensive consultation, and schedule planning service it ensures the whole day is captured specifically around your requirements.


I will explain how I can create an approach to ensure all your requirements are captured plus discuss the timing of events and how that fits around photographing your wedding. 




The bride is readyThe bride is readyPreparation is everything, it's all captured from the beginning to the end.



Once we have an outline of all the types of photographs you would like, from the must haves to the nice to have, I'll create a draft schedule so you can start to see if it works for you.


From experience I know this really helps couples to plan their day.


We also visit the venue a couple of times, where all the suggestions and required photographs are checked at the venue to make sure what you would like is actually possible. It's not very often but on occasions preferences need to change a little due to the logistics at the venue.





Wedding by the seaWedding by the seaWith the right creative mind and the right gear I can turn a bright mid day picture into a stunning wedding photograph fit for any wall.
Whatever the challenges are you can rest assured by the time we have finished everything you want will fall into place. I'll then finalise a schedule so you can see exactly what I will photograph as a minimum (usually end up with a little more!) and agree with you well before your wedding day.

Don't worry there is always the opportunity to move things around to account for those last minutes changes!


Many couples have said to me, they had no idea what was involved and how it needs to all come together and felt so much more comfortable having gone through the process. It does work!

All through this process you are free to call anytime with any questions or concerns, I want your day to be perfect.





I then leave you alone, unless of course you need to chat, to enjoy the run up to your wedding day. A quick call the week before and we’re ready to go.


On the wedding day I arrive one hour before the scheduled time just to meet up and settle everyone down!


From the start of your day, my time is your time. Whatever you need, well within reason, I’ll look to sort for you. In the past I’ve even helped with dressing the groom, moving the cake, and finding jewellery!

I’ll shoot all day and won’t stop until I have sufficient images or you plus to create an album.





I’ll capture a combination of discreet natural moments, all the families of group photo’s and the reception plus some elegant classical images of you as newlyweds.

Be sure to take it nice and slow as the day will soon disappear!

Savour the day and let me create a lasting wedding day story that will provide beautiful and emotional memories forever.


Before I leave for the day, I’ll make sure you and your guests have everything, photographically, captured and then go home!





While you are on honeymoon I’ll get to work.


Look into my eyesLook into my eyesKeeping a discreet distance allows me to capture those very intimate moments between the bride and groom.
Natural moments captured forever.


Every image will be individually processed in high resolution and prepared usually within two weeks.

I will also create a draft album (if applicable) for you to review or you can select all your favourite images and I'll create a story book capturing your day as it unfolded.

With lay flat pages in high gloss finish I'll capture your wedding in a series of single and overlay images that will let you relive every moment.







With a full wedding book consultation/review, you have the opportunity to check every image captured is exactly how you want to see it in print.


Nothing gets sent to print until you are totally happy with the design and content. Easy to store or carry, this will keep your special day easily accessible to share with everyone.






From all those lovely details you have crafted into your wedding day, the formal groups to those informally captured natural moments throughout your day. All captured in a superb album collection.


With up to 26 pages you will be amazed how many images can be beautifully presented in your wedding book. It's a great and cost-effective way of seeing your photographs in print.


Once you we are ready for print it usually takes up to three weeks to deliver from point of order.




My service promise to you


Everything I do will be designed to meet your specific requirements with you and for you.

I will spend the time with you to ensure everything is in place before your wedding day making your wedding day as stress free as possible.

I will spend the time with you at venue visits to ensure the planned photography itinerary is practical and deliverable plus includes all agreed “must have” images required.

To deliver your wedding images in a maximum of three weeks.

To deliver albums and framed images within four weeks of agreed sign off.

If weather prevents outdoor photography a mutually agreed date and time can be arranged to revisit the venue to obtain those specific missed opportunities.