There are many reasons why people like to support charitable causes by donating time and money or both to organisations. Very often it's because there is a personal connection between the individual and the chosen charity for a number of different reasons.

I have always considered providing some support beyond that of the occasional donation and have decided to turn thought into action by using my wedding photography as a small business approach and donate 50 % profits from the weddings I photograph to charitable causes.

I love photography and in particular photographing weddings, I also love walking and hiking across Dartmoor.

That makes my initial choices a little easier for me, Dartmoor Search and Rescue, a volunteer group that helps people in difficulty on Dartmoor and Pympton St Mary Church where I was married.
As the business expands I hope to be able to increase the range of supported charities.

Personal charitable choices will no doubt always be subject to discussion however I believe both these to be worthy initial causes as you can read by clicking on the page in the drop down menu under "Do it for charity".

Thank you